Payment Options


Our Prebuy program runs from June 1 through August 31 and involves the customer buying a minimum of 600 gallons at the year's designated price per gallon, which is usually substantially lower than the fluctuating daily price of propane.  Buying a set number of gallons in advance gives the customer the advantage of the savings of unforseen rises in propane prices in the winter months.  



We gladly accept cash, credit card or check for immediate payment.  Prepaid cash purchases will result in a slight discount.


Budget Billing

With budget billing, we'll evenly distribute the yearly cost of propane into a mangable monthly bill, either e-mailed or snail mailed to you.  This option is available to established customers only so we can get an accurate monthly estimate.


Bill me!

If you qualify for billing, we'll send you an invoice that is due no later than 30 days from fuel delivery either through e-mail or snail mail.  After that date, a finance charge will be applied to your account.



Cash on Delivery is an option for those who've had a rough time with credit but still want hot water and a warm home!  With this option, you'll need to provide payment to our office staff prior to a delivery being scheduled.


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